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Leah Gerber

Leah Gerber

I grew up in a beautiful city.

Beautiful were the ancient buildings and palaces of Vilnius, where modern architecture blends with nature and old houses. I remember the sense of harmony that used to overcome me on the streets of the Old City.

Since I was a little girl I wished to study the fine arts. While grew up , I attended sculpture classes, art school, painting classes.
In Israel I took a few jewelry-making courses in college, studied at the internationally renowned Jeweler Carol Zarate studio. I learned how to work with wax and with metal, learned to make things from scratch.
In 2008 and 2009 my jewels were exhibited at the Jewelry Olympus show in St.-Petersburg. Also in 2008  I took part in a competition organized by a Jewelry Artist Journal published in Malvern and came in 2nd in the 2008 Awards.

While I'm working on a specific project, it is very important for me to be totally enthralled with the item that I'm creating. Sometimes, when   I say “That’s it! That’s what I wanted!” ( and many designs never do reach that stage, and are discarded), I feel that the joy I felt in the creative process will pass to the person, who ultimately wears jewelry I designed and it will bring her happiness.

Crocheted gold filled wire jewelry "Aquarus" earrings
E0050LG / $247.00
Crocheted silver wire jewelry "Aquarius" earrings
E0025LG / $169.00
Gold fill earrings" Fantazy" with Peridot
E0045LG / $190.00
Gold fill earrings"Early Morning" with white pearls
E0047LG / $415.00
Jewish and Christian Religion Symbol Pendant "Fish"
P0650LG / $52.00
Jewish Jewelry Judaica Pendant "Chai"
P0553LG / $42.00
Jewish jewelry Modern Pendant "Star of David"
P0401LG / $44.00
Jewish jewelry Pendant "Star of David"
P0403LG / $44.00
Judaica jewelry Pendant "Hamsa"
P0501LG / $43.00
Rough moldavite gold fill earrings" Fantazy with Rough Gemstone"
E0013LG / $190.00
Silver Cross Pendant "Mistory"
P0703LG / $120.00
Silver cuff bracelet with garnets and carnelians"Leaves".
B0001LG / $380.00
Silver Ring with natural quartz "Sand&Water"
R0009LG / $135.00
Silver Small Star of David with blue glass
P0414LG / $41.00
Silver Small Star of David with turquoise glass
P0413LG / $41.00
White Gold with diamonds"Retro" Ring 2
R0008LG / $1390.00
Wire wrapped bangle silver bracelet "Silver Lace with Citrine"
B0005LG / $460.00
"Gold Chain with Pearls" Necklace
CH0001LG / $324.00
"Moon Drop" Necklace
N0005LG / $258.00
“Bride to Be” Necklace
N0009LG / $128.00
“Gold Fish” gold fill ring with glass caboshon
R0021LG / $126.00
“The Bride Enters” Necklace
N0008LG / $128.00
Bangle silver Bracelet "Sand and Water"
B0002LG / $340.00
Big Fashionable Long Earrings “Golden Leaf”
E0040LG / $160.00
Blackened silver Earrings with Oval Pearl "Moonlight Drop"
E0005LG / $145.00
Blackened silver with pearl Ring "Moonlight Drop"
R0005LG / $155.00
Brass and glass ring “The Spark”.
R0020LG / $86.00
Brass with Fused Glass Hooks Earrings “Bronze Age”
E0031LG / $96.00
Bronze ring with glass caboshon “Bronze Age"
R0015LG / $86.00
Casual Silver Ring with coral "Urban view"
R0002LG / $127.00
Christian and Jewish religion Symbol Pendant"Gold Fish"
P0653LG / $68.00
Christian and Jewish religion Symbol Pendant"Gold Fish" 2
P0660LG / $98.00
Citrine rough silver and gold Bracelet “Autumn"
B0004LG / $650.00
Contemporary Silver Cross Pendant "Cross”
P0702LG / $63.00
Crocheted fine silver with Swarovski crystal earrings "The Bride Enters "
E0012LG / $130.00
Designer Silver earrings with rough Garnets and Carnelians"Silver Leaves"
E0006LG / $119.00
Dichroic Glass jewellery. "Crazy Colors ".Earrings
E0020LG / $79.00
Dichroic Glass Jewelry .Earrings "Crazy Colors "
E0019LG / $79.00
Earrings "Winter"
E0009LG / $89.00
Earrings “Silver twilight” with Keshi pearls
E0046LG / $230.00
Enameled wire crocheted Necklace “July Rhythm”
N0006LG / $230.00
Gold and Silver combination ring "Summer Night"
R0004LG / $169.00
Gold fill wire wrapped jewelry earrings with white pearls" Gold Lace"
E0014LG / $79.00
Gold filled and Nacre Wire wrapped earrings "Your day"
E0028LG / $69.00
Gold filled crocheted stud earrings "Sun Rings"
E0011LG / $96.00
Gold filled wire wrapped Earrings "Pink Lace"
E0008LG / $82.00
Gold filled with dichroic glass link Bracelet "Colorful geometry "
B0006LG / $342.00
Gold Ring “Number Six” Ring of Creativity
R0024LG / $980.00
Gold with color diamonds ring " Infinity"
R0030LG / $1190.00
Goldfilled and nacre Stud earrings "Your day"
E0029LG / $79.00
Hand made link Bracelet with dichroic glass "Silver Fish"
B0008LG / $284.00
Handmade leverback silver Earrings with Carnelian and Garnets "Summer Night"
E0002LG / $195.00
Handmade silver with natural pearl Pendant "From the depth"
P0010LG /
Jewish and Christian Religion Symbol Pendant "Fish"
P0652LG / $52.00
jewish and Christian symbol Pendant "Fish"
P0651LG / $52.00
Jewish jewelry Pendant "Star of David"
P0400LG / $44.00
Jewish jewelry Hand of Fatima Pendant "Hamsa"
P0502LG / $43.00
Jewish judaica Jewelry Pendant "Hamsa"
P0500LG / $43.00
Jewish judaica jewelry Pendant "Chai"
P0551LG / $42.00
Jewish judaica jewelry Pendant"Chai"
P0552LG / $42.00
Jewish Magendavid Gold filled 14K Necklace
P0430LG / $73.00
Jewish Magendavid Jewelry Pendant Small "Star of David "
P0411LG / $41.00
Jewish Magendavid Jewelry Pendant Small "Star of David "
P0412LG / $41.00
Jewish Magendavid Jewelry Pendant Small "Star of David "
P0410LG / $41.00
Jewish Tradition Jewelry Pendant "Pomegranate"
P0600LG / $52.00
Jewish Tradition Jewelry Pendant "Pomegranate"
P0601LG / $52.00
Judaica jewelry Pendant "Star of David"
P0402LG / $44.00
Necklace "Autumn Leaf"
N0013LG / $189.00
Necklace "Summer Evening"
N0011LG / $147.00
Necklace "Autumn"
N0001LG / $890.00
Necklace "Lilac"
N0002LG / $860.00
Necklace "Romance"
N0014LG / $145.00
Necklace "Sand & Water"
N0010LG / $129.00
Necklace "Sand and Water"
N0012LG / $119.00
Necklace "Summer Night"
N0004LG / $240.00
Necklace "Urban View"
N0015LG / $87.00
Necklace "Winter"
N0016LG / $145.00
Ring of Creativity Silver Ring “Number Six” 2
R0025LG / $146.00
Rough amethyst beads with silver and gold Bracelet “Lilac"
B0003LG / $650.00
Silver "Theatre Handbag"
M0000LG /
Silver and Gold Combination Earrings with rough Garnets"Romance"
E0003LG / $165.00
Silver and gold combination Ring "Romance"
R0003LG / $179.00
Silver and Gold combination ring"Summer Night"
R0014LG / $169.00
Silver and Goldplated combination earrings“Antique Scrolls”
E0032LG / $139.00
Silver Casual Silver earrings with Coral and Tiger Eye "Urban View"
E0001LG / $125.00
Silver Contemporary Cross Pendant "Cross”
P0700LG / $63.00
Silver Earrings Clasps
C0003LG / $12.00
Silver Earrings with Rose Quartz "Sand and Water"
E0004LG / $155.00
Silver enameled ring "Hamsa Ring"
R0013LG / $135.00
Silver goldplated Ring "Antique Scrolls"
R0012LG / $119.00
Silver Modern Cross Pendant "Cross”
P0701LG / $63.00
Silver necklace with glass caboshon "My Holy Land "
P7010LG / $198.00
Silver Oxidized Bracelet with Black and Lavender pearls
B0007LG / $740.00
Silver Ring "Leaves "
R0001LG / $89.00
Silver Ring with colorful beads "Butterfly"
R0006LG / $67.00
Silver ring with sparking dichroic glass cabushon “The spark”
R0026LG / $115.00
Silver spinner Ring "For My Man"
R0007LG / $156.00
Silver spinner men's ring of Kabbalah jewelry.
R0028LG / $297.00
Silver wire crocheted and knitted Broche “Magic Flower”
BR0001LG /
Silver wire crocheted Necklace "January Rhythm"
N0007LG / $230.00
Silver with azurite Ring "Sand & Water"
R0010LG / $145.00
Silver with dichroic multicolor caboshons glass Bracelet “Silver Age”
B0010LG / $420.00
Silver with Fused Glass Hooks Earrings “Silver Age”
E0042LG / $109.00
Silver with Fused glass lever back Earrings "Glass and Silver"
E0016LG / $59.00
Silver with white natural Pearls Earrings "From the depth"
E0018LG / $240.00
Star of David Gold filled 14K Necklace with Iridized Glass
P0431LG / $73.00
Star of David goldfilled 14K with Sea Glass
P0433LG / $83.00
Star of David goldfilled with Sea Glass
P0432LG / $83.00
Thin silver chain necklace
CH0002LG / $12.00
Three colors gold ring “My Life, My Love.”
R0027LG / $910.00
Turquoise silver with glass Earrings "Glass and Silver"
E0017LG / $59.00
Two tones combination gold wedding ring
R00016LG / $790.00
Two tones combination gold wedding ring "Olive branch”
R0022LG / $890.00
Two tones gold spinner Ring "Solomon Ring"
R0011LG / $1449.00
Two tones gold spinner Ring "Solomon Ring" 2
R0023LG / $1449.00
Wedding Ring from the Meditterian Sea
R0019LG / $890.00
Wedding Rings from the Mediterranean Sea
R0018LG / $790.00
White Gold Casual Earrings “Every Day”
E0041LG / $345.00
Wire crocheted fine silver earrings "Dew Drops"
E0043LG / $105.00
Wire crocheted fine silver with Swarovski Crystals Earrings "Hoarfrost"
E0010LG / $96.00
Wire wrapped Necklace with citrine “Silver Lace with Citrine”
N0003LG / $750.00
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