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Kaballah Jewelry

Kabbalah jewelry with inspirational letter combinations.

This is not just a beautiful and decorative jewelry collection, in which silver mesh, natural stones and pearls are combined. Interlaced in the open-work silver lace are groups of Hebrew letters which are traditionally regarded as spiritual Kabbalistic keys. The Hebrew word for Letter can be translated as a signal, a sign, or a miracle. Kabbalah letter combinations inspire those who understand their meaning to restructure their lives in a more desirable direction.Everyone can use encouragement to make positive changes in their lives. You can express good wishes for wealth, self-improvement, or a healthy life for yourself or a friend through your choice of an appropriate combination of letters on these beautiful and meaningful necklaces. Each jewel shown here with one combination of letters is possible to order with a different combination. If you would like to match a jewel to a letter combination not shown here, just contact us.

Big Round handmade "The Ana Bekoach Code" earrings
E0055ED / $245.00
Silver with amber Kabbalah bracelet with Hebrew letters combination
B0010ED / $192.00
Artisan silver Kabbalah jewelry bracelet with meaningful letters combination.
B0009ED / $192.00
Big Kabbalah jewelry round earrings
E0057ED / $190.00
Contemporary unisex silver with leather bracelet with Kabbalah letters combination 2
B0012ED / $110.00
Custom made silver Kabbalah jewelry bracelet .
B0014ED / $192.00
Goldfilled Kabbalah jewelry round earrings
E0056ED / $165.00
Goldfilled with Nacre women bracelet with Kabbalah letters combination
B0013ED / $269.00
Green leather Kabbalah Necklace with Round Silver Pendant and Green Agate.
N0019E / $142.00
Handcrafted silver Kabbalah Necklace with Stick White Pearls
N0018ED / $189.00
Silver and Leather Kabbalah Women Bracelet with Magnetic Clasp.
B0006ED / $128.00
Silver Kabbalah Necklace with Amethyst Charm.
N0014ED / $144.00
Silver Kabbalah Necklace with Carnelian
N0015ED / $112.00
Silver Kabbalah Protection Pendant with Green Prehnite.
N0017ED / $152.00
Stylish Silver and Leather Women Bracelet with a Kabbalah Message
B0007ED / $128.00
Stylish Sterling Silver Kabbalah Necklace.
N0020E / $210.00
White-Stick cultured pearls and Rose-Pearl Kabbalah Necklace
N0016ED / $154.00
Woman silver bracelet with Hebrew letters combination Aleph Lamed Daled.
B0011ED / $192.00
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